Thursday, 29 August 2013

One more year

Back to school next week, just thinking about it makes me miserable which is annoying because i'd like to stay optimistic. How am I to stay happy through the term? Well, I'm to read and see my friends whenever I can, but later on in the year is study time. Great. GCSE's. Just like when I was taking my mock GCSE exams I shut myself in my room (as usual) but was revising before school and after school and on the weekends. Sometimes even at break and lunch. I was stressed so this year is going to be so much worse but I just need to keep reminding myself and my friends: ONE MORE YEAR. One more year of hard work and hopefully it shall pay off and then I can get a head start to my future. Anyone else taking their finals or GCSE's this year just remember you only have to work hard for another year and if you do I promise it should all work out. Good luck to everyone out there!
- Lauren x

More books

Today I finished 'City of Lost Souls' by Cassandra Clare which is the last book to a series called the Mortal Instruments and I am awaiting the final book which is yet to come of which is to be called: 'City of Heavenly Fire'. While I am waiting for  that book I am to read others and this morning I   started 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer. I have not yet seen the film nor have I read any of Stephanie's work before so I am getting used to her style of writing. I enjoy books and their franchises so I'm looking forward to finishing the story and then later watching the film which I will let you know what I think of them both once I have finished them. Enjoy the rest of the summer as sadly mine is coming to an end.
-Lauren x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My travelling outfit for when I leave today :D

Going on holiday!

So hey guys,
Just a quick notice- I'm going on holiday on 8th-23rd August to Cape Verde, so sorry I might not be able to blog whilst I'm out there but I definitely will when I get back! 
Leyla x

A day full of errands